What's In A Name? February 12, 2016 21:56

My full name is Paolo Francesco Licciardi.  A tad on the Italian side.  My name was not fun in the first grade.  For those counting, it contains three letters less than the entire alphabet! Standardized tests took me forever to fill in!

With that name, you’d think I would be able to speak the most beautiful language of my people.  Not a word.  I was born in Iowa.  Not exactly the focaccia mecca.

Further still, my grandfather was a typical immigrant from the turn of the last century.  They left their homelands to become Americans.  He went by Paul.  He learned English.  Like many, he seemed to downplay ethnicity.  My father never learned Italian with any fluency.

When I was thinking of what to call my soap company, I knew I had to take advantage of my tailor made backstory of having a Italian barber in my family.  I wanted to accentuate my ethnic background! 

I love simple.  Neat and tidy.  I really liked Mike’s Natural Soap as a name (the soap as well!).  It’s short, concise, and leaves no question to what Mike does.  I wanted that. 

Sapone Di Paolo!  Paolo’s soap. Simple and short with the romance of the Italian language!  Done.

I then thought about what to call the scents.  Since I don’t speak Italian, I needed to not get too crazy with long names.  I decided to make them all one word.  A single descriptor also works perfectly with my want of simplicity.

 Agrume - citrus, Bosco - woods, Cremoso - creamy, Piccante - spicy.  

That’s the magic of the Italian language!  It can take absolutely anything and make it sound fancy, exotic and beautiful!

…I mean bellissimo!